Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #9 [1983] – God’s Many Mansions


I can’t claim to always understand CAPTAIN VICTORY, but in the right mood I can dig it.

This issue features a trip through hyper-space, and the reality warping properties that you find there. There are two double-page spreads which are kind of interesting in that they’re the kind of thing that Kirby would have used photo-collage effects for a decade or two earlier, but draws by hand this time. I like this way better. Anyway, there’s some weird stuff going on that I don’t understand (and I’m sure re-reading the previous issue would only help slightly) before you get the big battle with the Wonder Warriors the ship was pursuing. Ah, Ursan the Unclean. And the Fighting Fetus. What was Kirby thinking? The issue closes with a cliffhanger as the Fetus starts to grow in a sea of Kirby crackle.

Five page back-up continues the look at Ranger Martius Klavus and his people in the story “The Unseen World”, where we find out how they came to be influenced by ancient Roman styles and dress. The back cover features a look at the reptilian crew of the engineering section, who kind of remind me of the alligator Lockjaw, led by Director Chusang.

Inks are by Mike Thibodeaux on the 25-page lead story, 5-page back-up and front and back covers

Published 1983

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