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Editor Craig Yoe reports that his MODERN ARF, previously talked about here, with a 1950s Kirby short story from Harvey reprinted from the original art, is now out. You can read more about the book at and you order it from

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  1. Anonymous

    I got Modern Arf today, it has a pretty wide variety of stuff in it. The Kirby story, some single pages by DeCarlo and Wood, and other things. Haven’t had a chance to read it. Also got Essential FF volume 4, which has one or two stories I haven’t seen before. And, Giant Size X-Men #3, which has a new Neal Adams story in addition to two Kirby X-Men stories, X-Men #9, and the issue of the X-Men where the FF fight the X-Men (oops, I think it was the issue of the FF where the two groups fight, sorry.) To top it all off, I was drooling over the entire run of the original OMAC my dealer had, they were more than I coult afford to get. Bagged and boarded and in great condition. I only got a couple of issues of OMAC when it first came out, because of poor distribution by DC. A shame they don’t reprint this.

    Allen Smith


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