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A trio of 1970s covers that Kirby was called on to do that featured characters he didn’t create back in the sixties (except one villain).

MARVEL CHILLERS #7, 1976. Dan Adkins inks. I dunno, Tigra is a hard character to take seriously, which probably means we’ll see an ESSENTIAL TIGRA long before we get another ESSENTIAL THOR. Anyway, the Super-Skrull is always cool.

NOVA #7, 1977. Joe Sinnott inks. As I mentioned before, I did like Nova’s costume, and thoght it was one of the more compatible with Kirby’s style among the later Marvel characters. Plus of course Joe Sinnott is always good to see (check his site for a health update on his shoulder).

GHOST RIDER #23, 1977. Frank Giacoia inks. Not a bad character, but a bit of an odd fit for Kirby. Bit of a goofy cover, very 1970s.

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