Justice, Inc. #3 [1975] – The Monster Bug


More adventures of the pulp hero Richard Benson, the Avenger, as scripted by Dennis O’Neil and drawn by Kirby towards the end of his DC stint. As I mentioned before, this is my favourite of those “filler” bits that Kirby did.

This story continues from THE SHADOW #5, with the unfortunately named villain Colonel Sodom who escaped in that issue. I’m not sure if this is adapted from an original pulp novel or not, but it does introduce Justice, Inc. agent Fergus MacMurdie, who was requested in the letter column. The story involves a virus that turns people into monsters, which gives Kirby an excuse for some monsters and action.


Fun fast-moving story in the pulp tradition, although it ends kind of abruptly.

Mike Royer inks the 18-page story and Al Milgrom inks Kirby on the cover.

Published 1975

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