New Kirby – Essential Thor v2


At long last the second volume of ESSENTIAL THOR has been released, a big chunk of some of Kirby at one of his creative peaks for a very affordable price. Lots of fun.

Also of note on that topic, there’s a new printing of the first volume of ESSENTIAL FANTASTIC FOUR (with a Kirby cover taken from FF #3 this time), which I noticed adds several of the bonus pages from the first Annual that were missing in earlier printings, and possibly other pin-ups from the early issues not in previous printings.

3 thoughts on “New Kirby – Essential Thor v2

  1. Anonymous

    I haven’t really noticed the quality of the reproduction for good or for bad on this volume, although I do notice that the Stone and Colletta inking here seems to be better than I remembered. Could it be that poor quality repro makes them look better? Hard to say. This is great stuff. I look forward to a third volume where we’ll likely see the Bill Everett inks and the Neal Adams and Buscema stories.

  2. Mark

    Funnily enough, I first saw this stuff in black and white, at magazine size as the back up in Marvel UK’s SPIDERMAN weekly in the seventies. So the ESSENTIAL series are all very evocative for me. Looking forward to getting this soon from Amazon. I’m sure I’ll be traumatized by all over again by just how poor Colletta’s inking was.


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