Upcoming Kirby – August 2005


Marvel continues its “feast or famine” scheduling, with just a trivial Kirby bit in their latest solicitations. MARVEL MASTERWORKS: DOCTOR STRANGE v2 continues the STRANGE TALES reprints and also promises a gallery of ST covers with Doc (the first volume was the only Masterwork without cover reprints). A few of those will be by Kirby.

AC Comics has this thing scheduled:

by Various
Comics’ greatest artistic talents explore fantasy, sci-fi and humor in this cross-section of classics- Kirby on “Donnegan’s Daffy Chair”; Meskin for “Invisible Link”; Powell does “Asylum”; Ditko draws “King of Planetoid X”; Cole does “King of Dopi Island”; Krigstein contributes “Bush Track Sentence”; and Kubert “Corsairs From The Coalsack.”
52pgs, B&W SRP: $6.95

That’s a silly but fun four page story with some nice art.

And Pure Imagination has this:

by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
The first two volumes of The Complete Jack Kirby in one CD-Rom. Almost four hundred pages reprinted chronologically with historical analysis by Kirby historian Greg Theakston. CD extras include over 200 perviously un-reprinted examples of his comic strip work, rare photos and a previously unpublished interview. Works on Macs and PCs, Adobe Acrobat reader included. Pages can be printed.
CD-Rom SRP: $20.00

Very good stuff in the print version of those two books, so this is definitely worth it if you don’t have those. Even with those I’m tempted by the further examples of Kirby’s comic strip work and the interview.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Kirby – August 2005

  1. Anonymous

    I have the first two volumes already, but I intend to order this from Previews anyway. It’s worth it, with the various extras, and given my past experience, I wouldn’t mind having something that can’t be damaged by water, although I prefer paper myself. The current issue of America’s Greatest Comics, I think #13, has a couple of short stories by Kirby, one inked by Steve Ditko, the other by Joe Simon. The issue itself is devoted to Ditko and reprints some excellent stories.

    Allen Smith

  2. bob

    Thanks. I guess that would be AGC #11, actually? I hardly ever see the AC reprint books, so it’s hard to keep up with them, but this sounds like one I might track down.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, you’re correct, it was not issue 13. Kudos to Bill Black in any case. Now, if Marvel would just reprint stuff like the Eternals, Machine Man, Devil Dinosaur, and all of the pre-hero moster stories. I know that some of that stuff is in the pipeline (I think they will be reprinting Tales to Astonish 1-10, which contains art by Kirby and Ditko ad who knows who else), so that’s a start.

    Allen Smith


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