Break time


You know what the mushroom soup means. Going to be busy for the next few days or weeks, might show up with a few quick entries or cover galleries if possible, but don’t bet on it.

I’m going to be updating an old Kirby FAQ that I had to add to the sidebar. Anyone have any suggestions for questions that should be on it? Also, I’m curious, what’s the favourite Kirby era of regular visitors here? The early golden age with Simon at Marvel and DC? The later S&K for various publishers? The post-Simon stuff at DC and Marvel? Early Marvel silver age heroes? Later silver age? 1970-1975 at DC? 1976-1978 at Marvel? The 1980s stuff? (those are, by the way, roughly how I divide the eras when deciding what to post, trying to keep at least one representitive of each era on the “recent posts” list)

6 thoughts on “Break time

  1. Anonymous

    Tough question. But I won’t shirk it. Force me to choose and I’ll go with the 1970-75 work at DC. Jack Kirby and Jimmy Olsen were made for each other.

  2. Anonymous

    My favorite Kirby periods are his early 1970s DC era, his mid-to-late-1970s return to Marvel and his late 1950s/early 1960s Atlas/Marvel “monster” books.

  3. Vegas

    I thought I was the only one that liked the DC stuff – I thought everyone would have chosen his early Marvel or late Marvel stuff…definitely the 4th World, Kamandi, Omac – in terms of art and story. While the FF stuff was awesome, I think the DC stuff was the best even in his stories…the second Marvel stuff wasn’t as good (still good) but having just read MADBOMB and MISTER MIRACLE back to back, one in color and one in B&W – the DC stuff just stands out.


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