Weird Mystery Tales #2 [1972] – Toxl the World-Killer


This 12 page story is one of four that were intended for SPIRIT WORLD #2 and then published in various DC horror anthology books. This story is inked by Mike Royer, and, though he’s uncredited, written with Mark Evanier (see the article linked to below for details).

“Toxl” is visually the best of those, with some great images, including one of the best two-page spreads I think Kirby ever did. Lot’s of amazing action in here, with the story of Toxl, the leader of a primitive tribe leading a rebellion against a group of technologically advanced conquerors. A little bit of a strange story, but lots of fun to read.


A JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR article on SPIRIT WORLD, including a penciled page from this story and comments by Mark Evanier is available here.

This issue also includes a two page article by Kirby on the topic of UFOs, “They’re Still Up There”, illustrated with four Kirby collages. Fun enough, although I always thought that Kirby’s collages looked to be too much work for stuff he could more effectively do with a pencil, and were never done enough justice by the mediocre printing of the era.

Published October 1972

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  1. Anonymous

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