Black Magic #3 [1974]


Two S&K reprints from 1952 issues of Prize’s BLACK MAGIC in this issue. “Nasty Little Man” (from #18[v2#12]) features three bums riding the rails who run afoul of a leprechaun. After teasing them with treasure, one of the men chokes the little man, who curses them and causes a rockslide to de-rail the train.


The crash kills the man who actually did the choking, and the leprechaun then pursues the other two men, capturing one as the other escapes, only to wake up to find his legs amputated and the leprechaun catching up with him.

“The Angel of Death” (from #15[v2#9]) is a story about a mysterious illness running through a small french town, accompanied by visions of an “angel of death”. The investigating doctor traces it back to an archaeological dig, where they’ve unearthed various ancient animals, some still living encased in amber, including a giant mosquito-like creature which escaped when the amber cracked. Eventually they manage to hunt it down.

The plots in these two are a bit weak, but they have some nice scripting and some really nice art, in particular the splash pages of each.

Published 1974

And thanks to Tony Isabella for the plug in his most recent column, which led to a spike in daily visitors. Welcome, all. And Tony’s been looking at several of Kirby’s 1950s DC covers for the past week, with some interesting observations, so be sure to check that out.

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