More 1970s Covers (IM, FF, Invaders)


Sorry, been a bit busy, so I’m resorting to another cover gallery. 1970s Marvel this time.

IRON MAN #90, 1976. Jack Abel inks. That’s an interesting composition (remembering that most of these covers were done from layouts sent to Kirby from New York). It really works well with Kirby’s style.

FANTASTIC FOUR #175, 1976. Joe Sinnott inks. Two big cosmic types from the 1960s doing battle in the city. I like those cars fleeing down by the bottom of the page.

INVADERS #32, 1978. More Sinnott. Hitler using Thor to fight the Invaders. There’s some good high concept work. As usual, stuff like this makes me wish Sinnott had inked some more Thor back in the 1960s. He really seems to get the character.

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One thought on “More 1970s Covers (IM, FF, Invaders)

  1. John DiBello

    I loved that issue of INVADERS when I was young(er). Never realized it was a Kirby kover! Whee! Thanks for a great site.


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