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Marvel used a lot of Kirby’s western covers in the 1970s reprints of their 1960s issues, sometimes with minor alterations and usually with new much brighter colors. I’ve always found it interesting that a lot of late 1950s and early 1960s Marvel covers have some detailed sophisticated colouring that you never see on 1970s books. Anyway, here are three for the big three Marvel western stars.

RAWHIDE KID #111, 1973. From RK #41 (1964). The fence in the back is new, and the speech balloon is completely redrawn (with the same dialogue). That’s a beautifully dynamic cover.

KID COLT OUTLAW #173, 1973. From KCO #99 (1961). Again a new fence, plus that coach in the background is added. Actually in this case I think the additions add some nice balance. I liked how they played around with the settings and angles to provide a variety of strong images within the genre.

TWO-GUN KID #112, 1973. From TGK #65 (1963). Yay! This one was pretty much left alone. A very powerful cover with a nice background and a character who would have fit right in on the super-hero books that were taking off when it was first published. My favourite of these three.

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    I love what you’re doing here. When Kirby was publishing monthly, I (and the world) often took him for granted; when he stopped, I felt a real void. After all these years, it’s a real pleasure to come here and get a daily dose. Thanks.


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