Silver Star #3 [1983] – The Others


Morgan (Silver Star) Miller starts this issue with a big attempted rescue of a woman from a plunging car.

Silver Star #3 [1983]

They both emerge from the crash unscathed, and he finds out the woman, apparently another of the super-powered Homo Geneticus, one of “Others”, is stuntwoman Norma Richmond on a movie shoot. He then quickly transports her and the movie crew to safety to avoid an attack by Darius Drumm. He then takes Norma to try to protect another of the Others, a baseball player, who falls victim to an exploding baseball. Morgan really isn’t cut out for this rescue gig, is he? Drumm takes off with Norma in the confusion, while Morgan returns home. We next see Drumm with Norma as captive at a circus where the strongman is one of the Others, Albie Reinhart. Drumm gives an interesting monologue in this scene, about his goals and the “self-denial” aspects of the cult he was raised in. Some of the scripting in this issue is a bit clunky, but that scene worked well. Anyway, Albie is attempting a stunt with a carousel on his chest, and Drumm causes it to go out of control. Morgan senses this and vanishes from his home.

Mike Royer inks the cover and 20-page story (with “an assist from Mike Jr.”, presumably his son).

Published 1983

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