Marvel’s Greatest Comics #72 [1977] – The Skrull Takes a Slave


This issue reprints FANTASTIC FOUR #90 (1969), inked by Joe Sinnott. The story opens with the wrap-up to the previous issue, where the FF have captured the Moleman in the house they’d planned to move into. Reed lets the Moleman escape, explaining that “It’s a strange paradoxical world we live in. A man can be arrested for illegal parking, but there’s actually no law against trying to conquer the planet”. Ben then goes back to town. Meanwhile, a skrull lands in the country, intent on capturing the Thing.

In town, Ben deals with some of his many fans when the skrull finds him.

Marvel's Greatest Comics #72 [1977]

Disguising himself as Reed, the skrull fools Ben into going out to his ship in the country, knocks him out and takes him as a slave for the “great games”.

A nice transition issue between major storylines. The Moleman story finishing up wasn’t that good, although it had its moments, including a few scenes this issue. The “Thing Enslaved” story that begins in here has a slow start, but would turn out to be the highlight of Kirby’s final year on the book.

The reprint is only 18 pages, knocking two out of the original. Those pages mostly dealt with the FF calling and checking in with Alicia and the as-yet-unnamed Franklin. Nice character bits, it’s a shame the reprint didn’t have room for them.

Published 1977

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