The Demon #2 [1972]


Kirby continues the first adventure of Etrigan with “My Tomb In Castle Branek” in this issue. With Merlin as our guide, as Etrigan continues his battles in a European castle against the forces of Morgaine Le Fey. A great looking fight in there, with elaborate Kirby renderings of the castle and various statues. Unfortunately, Le Fey knows how to changed him back to Jason Blood and escapes to attempt to use her stolen spells to restore her youth.

The Demon #2 [1972]

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Jason’s friends Glenda, Harry and Randu hang around Jason’s apartment, with its collection of artifacts and portraits of Jason’s “ancestors”. Jason and the local police inspector, Stavic, race on horseback to attempt to stop Le Fey’s spell, and are blocked by one of her monsters. Fortunately, Randu is able to use his mysterious powers to evoke Etrigan, who attacks Le Fey at the crucial moment of her spell, with no idea if she was able to finish.

More intriguing hints about what is going on. I kind of wish Kirby had stuck with the Merlin / Morgaine Le Fey for a few more issues at the beginning, as it had some more potential that was never explored. Great artwork, too, with detailed backgrounds, fun monsters and nice fights.

Mike Royer inks the cover and 23-page story.

Published 1972

One thought on “The Demon #2 [1972]

  1. Mike Sullivan

    I’ve been … lurking for a while. I really like what you’ve been posting. Great stuff!

    I agree that it would have been great to stretch out those first few issues of The Demon. I think the first 7 issues are my favorite. The stories were good, the inking was great and the coloring was very vivid.

    They don’t make stories like this any more.


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