OMAC #2 [1974] – Blood-Brother Eye


Following his first adventure, where Buddy Black was changed to OMAC by Brother Eye, OMAC went to Electric City to meet the designer of Project OMAC, Professor Forest. He found the city closed, rented for the night by criminal mastermind Mister Big for a party, actually a cover to kill Forest and destroy Project OMAC. OMAC manages to fail in a spectacular fashion, and Forest is killed by agents of Mister Big in costume.

OMAC #2 [1974]

You’d have to wonder about why criminals would be so afraid of Project OMAC when guys in those get-ups can carry out an assassination right under his nose. Anyway, OMAC continues into the city, and after a few more fights winds up dead and brought to Mister Big, only to reveal that his death was a ruse to allow Brother Eye to gather evidence.

OMAC was one of those books where it felt Kirby never quite managed to get all the ideas in his head down on paper, which is a shame. I’m sure he had some interesting things to do with the whole Buddy Blank identity, which were never realized. What was published was still fun.

Inked by D. Bruce Berry, one of his first inking jobs over Kirby (so early that Royer was still the letterer at this point).

2 thoughts on “OMAC #2 [1974] – Blood-Brother Eye

  1. Anonymous

    Omac is one of those series I wish DC would publish in a Archive Edition or better yet, CD Rom ! Why CD Rom? Well with the recent Marvel Comic Library on CD Rom and Spider Man’s First 500 issues I can read them all!

    On to the subject of Omac…I have two questions. Was he really Kamandi’s father? How does this relate to his universe. I have read the first and second issues of Omac but have been unable to obtain the rest. Can any of our fellow bloggers tell me what his objective was? Was he in a world of genetically engineered people? The premise was very bizzare to me when I read the first issue.

    I was hoping I’d get a better understanding with John Byrne’s mini series. What I didn’t like about it was that it was in black in white. I love the Essencials series but Kirby’s art is much better in color.

  2. bob

    I’ll get to the later issues of OMAC on here eventually, but we never do find out much more about him, as he pretty much just deals with menaces like body thieves, would-be dictators and others in his brief run.

    It was implied in a KAMANDI letter column that there was a link between the two books, and later creators had Omac as Kamandi’s unseen grandfather, but I’m not sure if that’s what Kirby had planned.


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