Black Goliath #4 [1976] – Cover


From time to time just to keep up the posting frequency I’ll throw in one of the many books Kirby just did covers for (about 100 at Marvel in the 1970s and maybe twice that in the 1960s, so there’s a lot to choose from). Minimal comments on those, since you can see the Kirby content and the stories they’re wrapped around often aren’t worth re-reading, and aren’t on-topic here anyway. The 70s covers aren’t always Kirby’s strongest art, since he was often clearly working over layouts from New York (and sometimes slightly re-drawn back in New York), but they’re fun, often have the only example of Kirby drawing a particular character, and have some nice inkers (a lot are Sinnott or Giacoia, both great, but there are a few unusual ones).


This one, inked by Joe Sinnott, is kind of fun just because Stilt-Man gives me a bit of a chuckle. As does Black Goliath. I guess this would be the only time Kirby had the dubious honour of drawing either of that pair of winners. And check out that trademark Kirby squiggle on Stilt-Man’s leg. That’s one of the longest of those you’ll see.

Published August 1976

2 thoughts on “Black Goliath #4 [1976] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    Yep – so much fun! I never tire looking at Kirby’s work. But — Jack may have never drawn Stilt-Man in a proper story, but wasn’t it he, who designed the original Stilt-man costume back in the 60s for Daredevil?

  2. bob

    Don’t know if Kirby designed the Stilt-Man in DD. He didn’t draw the story or cover for that issue, though, and while there is evidence that he did some character designs for villains where he didn’t draw the cover or story, this one I don’t think so. Wally Wood was drawing the book at that point, and I can see it as a Wood design.


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