Non-Kirby – Sheldon Mayer’s SUGAR&SPIKE ARCHIVES


If you’ll indulge me in a rare completely Kirby-free post on this weblog, if you like funny comics may I recommend the just-released SUGAR & SPIKE ARCHIVES VOL. 1, collecting the first 10 issues of the Sheldon Mayer series from 1956-1957.  One of my favourite comics of all time, this is a long overdue collection, and I hope the first of many.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, you can see many, many posts about it over on my other site.

1 thought on “Non-Kirby – Sheldon Mayer’s SUGAR&SPIKE ARCHIVES

  1. patrick ford

    I’ll no doubt end up getting this because I love Mayer. The Archive format is something of a turn-off. I strongly dislike “shiny” paper, and the books are grossly overpriced for the page count.
    Are these reproduced from stats, or did the art have to be recreated?


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