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The 57th issue of TwoMorrows’ THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR is available now.  The next issue is a change in format, with a double issue looking at Kirby’s 1960s work at Marvel, scheduled to come out in November.  Then in February 2012 comes TJKC #59, billed as a look into the “Kirby Vault”, with “personal correspondence from Jack to fans and co-workers, private photos and accounts from family and friends’ interaction with Kirby, a gallery of his amazing collage work, rare art from Marvelmania, bootleg album covers featuring Kirby art, private sketches, and other artifacts. PLUS: A transcript of a never-before released 1969 visit of San Diego fans to the Kirby home (where Jack answers all the questions you would ask if you were there in ’69)!”.  Should be a good one.

Note that issues of TJKC are available in both in print format (tabloid sized since #31) and in downloadable digital editions.  The digital editions are free with purchases of the print editions direct from the TwoMorrows website, or available for purchase separately from the website.

13 thoughts on “Upcoming Kirby – Next two Kirby Collectors

  1. patrick ford

    That double sized Marvel issue will be the first issue of TJKC I’ve ever skipped.
    “The Wonder Years?” Ugh, sticks in my craw. I’ve got no problem with Twomorrows publishing it, or even their “Stan Lee Universe” book, but lumping some corny “Wonder Years” look back at the FF into TJKC is more than I can stomach. Now issue #57 look to be one of the better issues in a long time.

  2. John S.

    I agree with Patrick. I’ll be skipping that issue as well. It’s sickening the way TwoMorrows panders to Stan Lee. And by the way, has #57 even come out yet? It was supposed to have been released a couple of weeks ago, but none of the stores in my area received their copies. I’m sorry to say this, but TwoMorrows has a TERRIBLE track record when it comes to getting their products out on time. I’ve heard so many complaints about them from both retailers and readers that I’m surprised they’re even still in business. One of the most valuable lessons from Jack Kirby’s career that they’ve totally failed to learn is to always deliver your work on schedule. Kirby was NEVER late. Two Morrows is never ON TIME!

  3. patrick ford

    Despite my lack of respect for Lee, I don’t begrudge John Morrow trying to make a living, so if he publishes things for Lee’s fans I have no problem with it.
    Placing the contents of a book called The Wonder Years between the covers of TJKC is something I don’t really understand. I am pleased it won’t contain any of the usual features, that way I won’t risk missing anything by passing on it.
    Actually TJKC has become very much like “Wonder Bread.” It seems like John is walking on egg-shells trying not to offend Lee’s fans.
    I love the tabloid format and would just as soon see him dump 90% of the articles and fully exploit the large format by printing far more of the pencil photocopies.

  4. Bob Post author

    #57 came out a few weeks ago, on August 10, which was only a few weeks late, pretty good by recent TJKC standards. Sometimes the release is staggered, with some stores getting it later than others, but I think that’s a Diamond Distribution thing rather than a TwoMorrows thing.

    Can’t say I disagree about the sentiments expressed on #58, especially coming so soon after two consecutive issues of TJKC devoted to the same era and “The Magic of Lee and Kirby” (is it too much to ask that in a magazine called The Jack Kirby Collector that Kirby at least get top billing?). I probably won’t skip it, but it’s definitely the first time that’s even been a consideration.

  5. Harry Mendryk

    I understand that not all Kirby fans appreciate the Marvel comics that he worked on. With so many books being published why should anyone spend his hard earned dollars on anything he that would not make him completely happy? So I have no problem with anyone deciding to bypass TJKC #58. But I do find it surprising that such critics cannot seem to understand that there are many Kirby enthusiasts that very much like the Lee/Kirby comics. Why shouldn’t TJKC be a place to satisfy those fans as well? After all there certainly have been issues devoted to other periods of Kirby’s career. I think TwoMorrows should be given credit for trying to provide varied content. I may not be equally satisfied with every issue of TJKC but TwoMorrows does such a great job I am always coming back for more.

  6. Bob

    I don’t think anyone’s objection is to an issue (even a double issue) being devoted to Kirby’s 1960s work at Marvel. That’s perfectly understandable, especially in this 50th year since Kirby’s creation of the Fantastic Four. The objection (mine at least) is to helping to perpetuate the aggrandizement of “Mr. Presents” to the point of including his name, with billing in front of Kirby’s, in the title of the book, doubly so at a time when he’s made it clear he doesn’t believe Kirby is the creator or co-creator of the characters from that era.

  7. Bob Post author

    Thanks, Patrick. I’ll have to wait to see the actual print version rather than low-resolution scans, but I don’t think I’m as impressed with the restoration as you are. The colours seem too muted and the blacks don’t seem black enough, and the corrections of off-register colours seems kind of selective. Still, it looks acceptable.

  8. patrick ford

    Bob, I think your assessment is accurate, but I tend to prefer restorations which are somewhat restrained. I do think he’s done a really fine job of making the black lines very distinct from the colour. From my point of view it’s most important to keep the colour subordinate to the black line.

  9. John S.

    Bob, your remarks about ‘Mr. Presents’ and TJKC #58 are right on the money. Nuff said.

    As for the S&K romance restorations, I agree with both you and Patrick. I very much appreciate the muted colors. Much closer to the original printed comic that way. But I also think the corrections of off-register colors could be better. It’ll be interesting to see the final product!

  10. patrick ford

    Mark Evanier has posted a comment on the “Wonder Years” at his blog.
    I’m heartened to see this. The “Wonder Years” book along with the “Stan Lee Universe” book have left me with such a sour taste that I can no longer support any of the Twomorrows publications.

  11. patrick ford

    Well after a long time TJKC #59 came out and it’s turns of “Kirby’s Vault” is as empty as Al Capone’s. Despite the very long time this issue was in production none of the promised “personal correspondence from Jack to fans and co-workers” ended up in the magazine. As I understand it several pieces already available online were used to plug the hole. Even more disappointed to see issue #60 is yet another wonder bread issue on the Fantastic Four.

  12. patrick ford

    Sorry, needed coffee. “and it’s turns of “Kirby’s Vault” is as empty as Al Capone’s. ”
    Should read: “and it turns out…”
    Anyhow I wonder why the promised material was pulled and replaced.


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