1970s Team Covers


AVENGERS #158, 1977. Joe Sinnott inks. Boy, that Wonder Man costume is quite an eye-sore, isn’t it?

FANTASTIC FOUR #173, 1976. Joe Sinnott inks. Very nice image of the FF and one of their greatest foes.

MARVEL PREMIERE #29, 1976. Frank Giacoia inks. Spinning out of the pages of the Invaders, a very nice cover of the various golden age and pseudo-golden age second stringers.

2 thoughts on “1970s Team Covers

  1. Anonymous

    Ahhhhhhhhh, the FF cover makes one drool over the idea of Kirby retuning to that series – it would’ve kicked everyone’s ass!

  2. Pascal LISE

    As hard I’ve tried for years to believe otherwise, nobody ever did the FF correctly after Kirby.
    Some came close but not enough yet. Sadly, I think Kirby was right not returning to this book. Fans would always compare his new output with his first run and it would also appears like a major setback to Kirby regarding the reasons why he chose to quit Marvel the first time. I understand and respect his decision but I still mourn the loss.


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