Kirby Omnibus questions


Just got my copy of DC’s THE JACK KIRBY OMNIBUS VOLUME ONE, reprinting his non-Challengers 1950s work for DC and some 1940s work that won’t fit anywhere else. Very attractive book, with a lot of never-reprinted material, looking forward to reading it over the next few weeks.

Few question marks though. I’m really confused about why “Pirate Or Patriot” from REAL FACT COMICS #1 [1946] is missing. Mark Evanier even says in the introduction that Kirby drew four stories for REAL FACT and that three of them are included, but no indication of why one was excluded. The story was reprinted in MISTER MIRACLE #4 [1971], so I have a copy and there’s no question it’s Kirby.

Also, I haven’t seen it, but SHOWCASE #15 [1958] is listed as having a 2-page story called “Space Ships Of The Past” by Kirby. That’s not included in here, either. Anyone seen it to comment on? It sounds like something that might have been intended for REAL FACT (the other 2-page stories from REAL FACT were used as fillers around that time), so I’m curious if it looks more like 1946 Kirby or 1958 Kirby.

Anyway, very minor possible blights on an otherwise great book, shouldn’t distract from anyone buying it. Fortunately DC’s tendency has been not to number books in this format which won’t be part of a series (so no “Volume One” designation on the Kirby OMAC, Losers and Demon, the S&K Sandman, the Ditko Creeper, the Kubert Viking Prince), so the “Volume One” on this new book implies that there might be plans for a “Volume Two” where oversights like those can be addressed.

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