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A couple of nice releases scheduled for April. Pure Imagination returns to the COMPLETE series with more from 1947, which should be fun, and TJKC looks at the 1970s at DC, and have managed to dig up yet another Kirby interview. Man, it’s a wonder he was able to draw as much as he did with all these fans interviewing him all the time.

Also, check out www.arflovers.com for more on the previously mentioned MODERN ARF, including a look at a page of the Kirby story that will be reprinted in there, plus a caricature of Kirby by artist David Cowles and a look at Roy Lichtenstein’s use of a Kirby panel.

The work of Jack Kirby, “The King of Comics,” continues to be reprinted in this ongoing series. This time it’s from the fall of 1947, and features a red-hot series of stories by Kirby in his prime! Important moments in Comics history which include the first issue of Young Romance, the first romance comic; as well as Justice Traps the Guilty #1, with a cover featuring a killer in the electric chair, ready to fry! No wonder it sold out on the stands! Also included are three Flyin’ Fool stories, his last Lockjaw the Alligator, and Earl The Rich Rabbit stories; crime from Headline Comics; and high-school humor from My Date Comics. A must-have for the fans of Jack Kirby!
SC, 8×11, B&W SRP: $25.00

This is the “Hip” issue, spotlighting all the funky, clunky stuff Kirby did at 1970s DC Comics! From Jimmy Olsen and Dingbats of Danger Street, to Kung-Fu Fighter and Soul Love, you’ll get it all! The issue features Kirby covers inked by Kevin Nowlan (Guardian and the Newsboy Legion) and Murphy Anderson (if you ever wondered what Jimmy Olsen would’ve looked like if Murphy had inked the whole book — and not just the Jimmy and Superman heads — you’ll find out as he inks the unused Kirby cover from Jimmy Olsen #147! Also, both inkers share their thoughts on inking the King! Plus, a never-published interview with Kirby himself! Includes the usual columnists and features, including Mark Evanier answering Frequently Asked Questions. And a colossal gallery of Jack’s finest pencil work at whopping tabloid size!
Tabloid, 10 x 15, 80pgs, B&W SRP: $9.95

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