Upcoming Kirby – Sky Masters and others


Greg Theakston is doing a new reprinting of Jack Kirby’s 1958-1961 science fiction comic strip SKY MASTERS OF THE SPACE FORCE.  Looks like he’s doing it in two volumes this time, with the first one being 138 pages, which is about right for the first 500 or so of 774 daily strips (4 to a page in the previous edition), with the remainder of those and the 53 Sunday full pages left for a second book.  Diamond comic order code is AUG111171.

There’s also the usual slate of Marvel stuff coming out, the last monster/fantasy TALES TO ASTONISH hardcover volume, FANTASTIC FOUR reprints, a YOUNG ALLIES reprint backing a collection of new stories and a new version of the old FANTASTIC FIRSTS book, now MARVEL FIRSTS: THE 1960s (so, bonus, no Wolverine this time…).

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Kirby – Sky Masters and others

  1. Bob Post author

    Yeah, that one is a bit odd. I’m waiting to find out a bit more about it (Fantagraphics, like many publishers, tends to have books pop up on the schedule and then later shift down months or years, as anyone waiting for the Pogo strip reprints knows).


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