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There’s an episode of the PBS show THE ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on in some markets tonight (check your local listings) featuring comics and artwork by Jack Kirby from his personal collection, brought in by one of his grandchildren.  See details here.  Video doesn’t seem to be up yet, but you can  see some photos and a transcript of the segment.  Especially interesting is the Boy Commandos ad, and the 1930s cartoon with the Kurtzberg signature.  I’ll update this with more details when I’ve seen the segment.

Okay, seen it now.  It’s a two minute segment at about the 45 minute mark of the show, if you want to see it next time it’s on.  Or just go to the link above, the video is live now.  The items were brought in by one of Jack Kirby’s grand-daughters, they don’t mention her name [Tracy Kirby, according to John Morrow].  Five really good pieces, well displayed in the video, and Kirby is credited as co-creator of many of his most well known characters by the resident expert.

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  1. Don Rhoden

    I never know where to post these comments but on amazon today I saw SIMON AND KIRBY LIBRARY: CRIME listed for Oct 2011.


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