Upcoming Kirby – FIGHTING AMERICAN softcover


So, it appears the next book from Joe Simon’s on-going deal with Titan Books is going to be a softcover release of FIGHTING AMERICAN.  This will be the same material that appeared the recent S&K SUPERHEROES book, presumably the same restorations but at a slightly smaller page size.  Great material, and this format should appeal more to the casual fan than the big $40-$50 hardcovers, but I hope we get more from the vast library of unreprinted S&K work soon.

by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

The complete adventures of the quirky Cold War superhero, launched in 1954 by the creators of Captain America, are presented here in an affordable graphic novel format, with weird and wonderful characters like Yucha Liffso, Jiseppi the Jungle Boy, and Poison Ivan! These are the explosive adventures of the Cold War’s answer to Captain America, by the great comics duo of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby!
Softcover, 7×10, 200pgs, Full Colour    $19.95
Diamond Comics – JAN111320
ISBN – 978-0857681157

1 thought on “Upcoming Kirby – FIGHTING AMERICAN softcover

  1. Joe

    I have began writing a script for the ZFighting American series and would like to know who I would need permission from in order to actually make it official. I love Fighting American and would like to explore this in more depth.


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