Rawhide Kid #141 [1977]


This issue contains a reprint of a story from RAWHIDE KID #31 (1962), inked by Dick Ayers. In this seven page story the Kid finds his siesta at a local saloon interrupted by a fight between Rock Rorick’s men and the locals whose land Rorick has been swindling. He interjects himself into the philosophical debate thusly:

Rawhide Kid #141 [1977]

I especially like the three panel progressions on the top two tiers of this page.

The Kid rides off, not intending to help the swindled ranchers any further, until he comes across another couple who are about to be forced to sell out to Rorick. He then stages his one-man army style raid on Rorick’s place (where, oddly, Rorick has among other things a booby-trapped concrete weight which almost crushes the Kid). He then forces Rorick to sell him all the land with threats of violence and returns it to the original owners. Apparently that passed for heroism in the wild west.

One of the more trivial RK stories, but with a few good action interludes.

Published 1977

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