–Link– Evanier on FM#4


I’d hope almost everyone who reads this is already reading Mark Evanier’s site, but anyway, check out his post about the background of why Kirby inked the cover of FANTASTY MASTERPIECES #4 back in 1966, as well as why the credits were removed from 1940s Captain America reprints of the era. I also join Mark in congratulating JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR heads John and Pam Morrow on their new child. Finally picked up the latest issue of TJKC, great stuff, highlighted by three newly discovered unused pencil pages that seem to be for HULK #3, plus lots of material of Kirby’s 1970s Marvel work, including Devil Dinosaur, and a promise of even more frequent publication in the future (and some odd caption mistakes, in addition to the one Mark mentions, but I guess they’ve had good reason to be distracted). More detailed review soon.


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