Upcoming Kirby – Kirby owned concepts return


As you may have heard, it’s just been announced that Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross will do something called KIRBY: GENESIS for Dynamite.  Links and a large copy of the promotional poster by Ross over here.  As Busiek mentions, and as seen in the poster, this will include not just previously published Kirby Estate owned concepts like Captain Victory, Silver Star, Satan’s Six, Phantom Force and The Ninth Men but also a lot of things never published or seen in single illustrations.  Galaxy Green (from the proposed “Fat City Comix”) is there on the bottom middle next to Egghead.  Honir and Sigurd (from the “Gods” portfolio) are there on the right, near Paranex the Fighting Fetus.  A couple of those aliens to the right of what I assume is the grasping hand of Darius Drumm are from a 1972 piece seen in the centerfold of the 2004 TwoMorrows KIRBY UNLEASHED portfolio.  On the other side of the hand, I’m not even sure that guy has a name, but he was on a recent KIRBY COLLECTOR cover and apparently done the same time as Kirby’s original New Gods proposal.  A few of the other characters are vaguely familiar (I think one of the small figures is Ramses), probably from issues of the KIRBY COLLECTOR, a few others are complete mysteries.

Anyway, hopefully in the publication we’ll see a lot of pages of the Kirby designs, and maybe this will help expedite the publication of the long-delayed Captain Victory collection and maybe some books of all the other Kirby-owned comics (haven’t heard anything about the Destroyer Duck collection in a while, either, although those characters probably aren’t part of this deal, being co-owned by Steve Gerber, just as it seems the Joe Simon co-owned characters aren’t involved).

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