Tales of Suspense #36 [1962] – Cover


Here’s a nice late 1962 cover, from shortly before all of the Atlas fantasy books were taken over by the super-heroes. Very pretty cover, I like the police-officer and the car. Inker unknown, but some speculation down in the comments that it might be one of the Kirby inked covers of the era. The interior art for this story is by Don Heck.


3 thoughts on “Tales of Suspense #36 [1962] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    Taking a good look at this cover, it might be one of the covers that Kirby inked himself. The light, undetailed line work, the faces of the man and woman, and the inking on the police officer all have a Kirby look, one that is different from the usual inkers, ie Ayers and Brodsky. Having looked through many books in this period, I suspect Kirby inked a few covers from time to time.

    Nick Caputo

  2. bob

    Hm, could be. I’m not great with identifying inkers, but I’d love to see an in-depth look at Kirby’s inking in that era sometime. If we take some of the Green Arrow stories as the standard on one end, and the Marvelmania merchandise as the standard on the other, that might give enough points to identify the rest. Mark Evanier has pointed to FF #7 as another cover he thinks is Kirby inks.

  3. Anonymous

    There are a few that have the same look and do not appear to be any other inker I can identify. A few possible Kirby inked covers include Journey into Mystery # 92, Tales of Suspense # 41, Tales to Astonish # 40 and Sgt. Fury # 3.

    Nick Caputo


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