Upcoming Kirby – March 2005


A few other publishers have stuff of interest for March, in addition to the Marvel books listed in the last post. The stories in the AC book are from, respectively, BATTLE #68 and BLACK MAGIC v3#5. No idea what’s in the MODERN ARF thing, if it’ll have a full story or just a sample of art for an article.

Artists include Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Alex Toth and writers include Joe Gill. Special Steve Ditko issue featuring seven early classics: “3-D Death,” “The Night People,” “Night of the Red Snow”,”He’s Coming For Me,” “Little Boy Blue” (starring Mysterious Traveler ) and “The Shadow”. Plus, “Guard Duty”, penciled by Jack Kirby with inks by Ditko. Also. “Those Who Are About To Die” by Simon & Kirby and “Buster Crabbe” by Toth.
52pgs, B&W SRP: $6.95

edited by Craig Yoe
An irreverent new journal devoted to the art of the comics, Modern Arf is the first in a series of volumes in which the award-winning artist and editor, Craig Yoe, explores the unholy marriage of Modern Art and the Funnies, in a bombastic and entertaining way. The first blast features material created just for this book as well as classic material by Rube Goldberg, Jack Kirby, Hy Mayer, Winsor McCay, and Patrick McDonnell at the zenith of their wacky, surreal, and innovative best. Did you know Salvador Dalí drew comics? You’ll be able to see them in this first volume of Modern Arf accompanying an essay exploring his influence on comics, his animated cartoon, and examples of comic artists such as Steranko and Crepax who paid homage to the Spanish surrealist. Modern Arf is stunningly designed in an oversized format to give justice to the incredible art collected between its covers.
SC, 9×12, 128pgs, PC SRP: $19.95

This a special issue featuring the “Very Best of the 1960s-70s Alter Ego!” Behind a full-color cover by Bill (Sub-Mariner) Everett and Marie Severin (featuring all of Wild Bill’s greatest creations), there’s a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of the best and brightest stuff from the 1961-78 Alter Ego era! Features lots of newly-discovered art! Plus, there’s a classic 1969-70 interview by Roy Thomas with Bill Everett, the creator of Sub-Mariner, Amazing-Man, and Hydro-Man. In the interview, Bill tells of the early days, from Marvel Comics #1 through his 1960s work on Daredevil, Dr. Strange, The Incredible Hulk, and more. In this issue you’ll also have tons of rare vintage art by Carl Burgos, Paul Gustavson, Simon & Kirby, and many others! Plus 1960s A/E gems by Steve Ditko, E. Nelson Bridwell, Comics Code authority Len Darvin, Jerry Bails, Roy Thomas, and more. Rounding things out is Jim Amash’s interview with Lou Glanzman, the Golden Age artist of Amazing-Man, The Shark, and Air. Also, special tributes to Irv Novick and Christopher Reeve.
Magazine, 8×11, 100pgs, B&W SRP: $5.95

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