New Kirby – S&K Sandman hardcover


Available now from DC is a hardcover collection of the S&K Sandman stories from the 1940s. Harry Mendryk got a copy recently and took a look at it over here, if you’re curious.

Next year should see a matching volume for the Newsboy Legion by S&K. Boy Commandos would probably need multiple volumes, and I guess a slim Manhunter book (maybe with Kirby’s 1970s one-shot?) might be in the future as well.

Updated a few more recent reprints, mostly Marvel’s various lines continuing as scheduled, plus the most recent Kirby Collector came out a few weeks ago.

1 thought on “New Kirby – S&K Sandman hardcover

  1. Sam

    Unfortunately, while it is great seeing the Sandman stories in print again, DC continues to offer up horrible golden age reprints. I think the market, or the market as DC sees it, for quality reprints is sadly taking a gigantic nosedive. Part of it may be the economy, but to take such a drastic dip in quality over the space of a year is really shocking to me. Still love seeing the stuff in print but would have appreciated the same effort in recoloring that DC has shown in years past. I’m not paying for a reprint of the paper version but a reprint of the book as it was intended to be read prior to printing.


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