New Kirby – “Supermen” and Cap and TJKC


Couple of recent releases with Kirby reprints..

CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 70TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL includes an S&K reprint. Not sure which, I think I heard it would be a Red Skull story, I should know by this weekend and will update here.

SUPERMEN! THE FIRST WAVE OF COMIC-BOOK HEROES (1939-41), unless it’s been revised since the table of contents was put on Amazon, has the Cosmic Carson story from SCIENCE COMICS #4 and the final S&K Blue Bolt story from BLUE BOLT #10. Plus a bunch of Jack Cole, Bill Everett, Lou Fine, Basil Wolverton and others.

Newest KIRBY COLLECTOR is out soon, the digital edition is available already for $3.95, or free if you also order the print edition.

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