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Apparently there’s something by Simon&Kirby in the new MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST CRIME COMICS, edited by Paul Gravett. Anyone got a copy to elaborate?

Thanks to Tim in the comments. It’s a 14-page story from JUSTICE TRAPS THE GUILTY #6 [1948], “The Money-Making Machine Swindlers”. Never before reprinted, as far as I know.

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  1. Tim Webber

    The Kirby comic in Best Crime Comics is:

    The Money-Making Machine Swindlers (14 pages)
    by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (1948)

    From the introduction by Paul Gravett:
    “In the first person style of True Confessions magazine, Stella Brady tells her story from behind bars of how she becomes an accomplie in a scheme to fleece suckers gullible enough to believe in a machine that could crank out freshly minted cash.”

    “Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are one of the greatest partnerships in comic books, kick starting whole genres in America like kid gangs or romance. When these Jewish New Yorkers started getting anti-Semitic death threats for creating their Hitler-punching super-patriot Captain America in 1941, Mayor LaGuardia himself arranged round the clock protection for their studio. Raised in the Bowery, Kirby could not help coming across crime on New York’s streets, escaping thanks to his innate artistic talent. His forte for science-fiction and mechanical design, seen so well in the Fantastic Four and other Marvel co-creations with Stan Lee, makes his phoney contraption here almost believable.”


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