New Kirby – Mid-year roundup

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Halfway through, 2008 is shaping up to be a pretty stunningly prolific year for Kirby publications, with 29 already out (a few of them fairly trivial, like some cover reprints in AVENGERS CLASSIC, but that balances with some major releases like KING OF COMICS, KIRBY FIVE-OH, COMPLETE KIRBY v5 and FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS v4), and 10 more already solicited for release by year’s end (and more to come), a few of them major all-Kirby books, including several interesting things from TwoMorrows, Greg Theakston’s bio of Kirby and many all-Kirby hardcovers covering several eras (1940s Captain America, 1960s Thor, 1970s Demon).

Highlight of the year so far, KING OF COMICS (though I’m still waiting for a copy of COMPLETE v5). Highlight of the upcoming stuff, well, I always like a good checklist, so there’s that, plus the Demon book should be good.

And then 2009 has the potential to be even bigger.

Let me know what you think about what came out, what you’re looking forward to and what books you think should come out (I’m hoping DC finally gets to the 1940 S&K material soon, maybe working with Simon to match the format to his upcoming S&K books from Titan). And remember, part of purchases from Amazon and Tales of Wonder from the links on the New Kirby page or the due-for-an-update Kirby In Print page go to the Museum.

3 thoughts on “New Kirby – Mid-year roundup

  1. Laurence C-H

    One Marvel book I would love to see is an Omnibus collection of all the Kirby covers for comics where he didn’t illustrate the contents. Any other incidental work could also be included. Just a thought!

    Also, are there any signs Jack’s remaining DC work from the seventies (in particular Days Of The Mob, Spirit World, Weird Mystery Tales, Our Fighting Forces, Sandman, 1st Issue Special, Justice Inc.) is to be published in the not too distant future?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Bob Post author

    The Losers stories from OUR FIGHTING FORCES are tentatively (according to Amazon) next up, early in 2009. Looks like DC is setting up a good quarterly schedule for Kirby books in matching hardcover volumes, which is a good pace (especially given all the Marvel and other stuff coming out), and I imagine as long as they sell they’ll keep doing them. I think Kirby did between 6000 and 7000 pages for DC, so if they can get a bit over 1000 pages a year that’s a good six year plan.

    I would love to see a book with IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB, SPIRIT WORLD, with the stories done for the second issues of each (either as planned or, in the case of SPIRIT WORLD #2, as they appeared in various colour anthologies), plus everything done for the unrealized romance books in the line (TRUE DIVORCE and SOUL LOVE).


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