Marvel Tales #193 [1986] – The Fabulous FF Meet Spider-Man


This six page Kirby/Ditko story is reprinted from FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1 (1963) (not AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1, as it’s mistakenly cited on the first page of this reprint). A bit of an oddity, as it retells a scene done in two pages in the first issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN earlier that year, with full Ditko art, where Spidey breaks into the Baxter Building, thinking he could get a job with them. He was a bit unclear on the concept early on, I guess. The Avengers might have been a better bet if they’d formed by then.


It does feel a bit stretched, with the attack from each FF member (taken straight from the original) being followed by another attack newly revealed for this telling. It’s still interesting, especially the way Kirby draws the Spider-Man / Mr. Fantastic battle.

Published 1986

One thought on “Marvel Tales #193 [1986] – The Fabulous FF Meet Spider-Man

  1. Anonymous

    I often wonder what Spider-Man might have ended up as if he were drawn in the cosmic Kirby style. Would he be fighting more outer space villians had Kirby drew him? I am facinated by Kirby’s work in so much that he made up his own way of rendering figures and backgrounds. When I look back; the Fantastic Four, Thor and all the other books he worked on were never the same without him. I wish that there was some way to put all his work on a CD Rom like Marvel has with Spidey’s first 500 issues.

    With the Fantastic Four movie coming out next year I hope there is an effort to at least have the classic first 100 Kirby/Lee issues available. I still read the first hundred Marvels on CD Rom made earlier this year. I’d like to see more of these old books on CD because the Masterworks have become so expensive I just can’t afford them anymore. I have the first 28 volumes and after the reprints of the current ones I just can’t keep up anymore.


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