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I’m sure most readers have read the story of the Kirbys meeting Paul and Linda McCartney due to the Wings song “Magneto and Titanium Man”, and seen the McCartney/Magneto drawing that Kirby gave them, either in THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR or KIRBY: KING OF COMICS. The Kirby Museum Gallery has some interesting multi-media additions to the story, several colour photos of the backstage meeting, a fan-made audio recording of Paul McCartney introducing the song that night, and a video recording of the song as performed that night.

1 thought on “-Link- Kirby and McCartney

  1. Robert

    I think that was great that Paul and Linda got to meet Jack the night they did that show.

    They have to get Paul to talk about that in the new Jack Kirby documentry that the Museum is putting together. I think the Beatles appeared in the Fantastic Four around the mid 60’s.


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