4 thoughts on “Panels – The Pseudo-Hulk is alive!!

  1. Walis Oliva

    Please,Bob!I really need your help here:What exacly was Kirby process when doing a page?Did he used only pencil,ruler and an eraser??Does he ever came close to a kneaded eraser and a lightbox???

  2. Bob Post author

    I can’t really comment on that from personal experience. Some issues of the Kirby Collector have had a few descriptions from people who were there, especially Evanier. When I get a chance I’ll look for specific references, but the general gist always seems to be that he did minimal layouts and erasing, going almost straight to the pencils you see in every issue of the Collector. Never heard of him using a lightbox, just an old drawing table (seen on a photo in the endpapers of KING OF COMICS).

  3. Robert

    I have seen a few photos of Jack just using paper, a few pencils, and at least one ink brush, but it looks more like that was just for taking the pictures themselves, he perhaps worked using different drawings tools on different issues.


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