-Link- Evanier on KIRBY: KING OF COMICS


Mark Evanier mentions that if you’re going to WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend, you might be able to pick up a copy of KIRBY: KING OF COMICS and get it signed by him. Otherwise it should be out everywhere else soon, and he has some encouraging early word on orders for it.

Adding, CBR has a rundown of the WonderCon Kirby Panel.

1 thought on “-Link- Evanier on KIRBY: KING OF COMICS

  1. Robert

    Well, The book sounds good, the rest does not.

    I am much more interested in the Documentry on Jack Kirby that the Museum is putting together and which is supposed to have both audio and video interviews of Jack. Some of which have been rarely shown. With all the interest in Comics and superheroes now, Jack’s story on film should be told.


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