Out in comic stores this week is FANTASTIC FOUR: THE LOST ADVENTURE, the long awaited reconstruction of the story intended for FF #102, newly inked and scripted by Kirby’s regular collaborators of the era, Joe Sinnott and Stan Lee, along with reproductions of the Kirby pencils and margin notes, commentary by John Morrow and a reprint of the version of the story (with additional pages by John Buscema) that saw print in FF #108.

3 thoughts on “New Kirby – FF: THE LOST ADVENTURE

  1. Robert

    I read it.

    It just makes me like Jack’s work all the more. It is good. It’s both good story and artwork. I know Jack did tons of work for other companies, but his stuff at Marvel is still “pure Jack Kirby” at his best.

  2. Mike

    It was nice to see the artwork printed. The fill-in spots by Ron Frenz were pretty good too. I wish that Stan didn’t “hip up” the story to current technological references to seem more “with it” than was necessary.

    It was also great to see the original artwork. It really would have been great to have seen where Jack was actually heading with this story. I don’t think in either instance did the “real” story of Janus come out.

  3. Robert

    What I find disapointing however is that Marvel has not given this story much attention on their web-site, But then again the company’s web-design has fallen a lot in terms of online access and features. The comic book section is now hosted by some teenage girl who looks like a reject from the Britney Spears fan club.

    DC”s web-site is a little better, at least they have given the Jack Kirby reprint stories more attention.


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