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Mike Sterling points to an old article about the story that revealed Ben Grimm is Jewish (one of my favourite modern FF stories), and other matters of religion in comics, including an odd comment by the Watcher in FF#72. A couple of errors in the article, including the year of Kirby’s death. And for those interested, the drawing of Ben with a yarmulke is printed in The Jack Kirby Checklist). I just wanted to take the oppurtunity to post my favourite statement about Ben’s religion.

Ben's Religion

3 thoughts on “–Link– Ben Grimm and Religion

  1. Marc

    Hi Bob,
    OT, but I wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying this site. I’m rediscovering Kirby in old age and your blog is great stuff.
    This panel btw, comes from one of the first Kirby comics I recall every reading-reprinted in Origins of Marvel Comics.

  2. Mikester

    I always loved that panel…it’s an old joke, but it’s new again coming out of Ben Grimm’s mouth!

    You know, I thought the year of Jack’s passing looked a little off….

  3. bob

    It’s the look on Ben’s face that does it for me. Having seen videos of Kirby, I can just imagine him making the same joke with the same expression on his face.

    There seems to be an odd mental block about the year of Kirby’s death. I’ve seen it wrong a bunch of times, including the back of the Comics Journal’s big coffee-table book.


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