Happy Joe Simon Day


Today is Joe Simon’s 94th birthday, and he’s still going strong. Happy Birthday, Joe.

Mark Evanier has a post up about Simon. And of course you should keep an eye on the S&K Blog for a regular dose of some great analysis and wonderfully restored classic comic book images from Simon’s career.

4 thoughts on “Happy Joe Simon Day

  1. Robert

    I’m glad Joe is still going strong, but the same can not be said for Captain America, as our beloved red,white, and blue Avenger was gunned down by a new generation of artists and writers who do not care, They just want a paycheck.

  2. Mark L. Hunkler

    Happy Birthday Joe! Thank you for decades of pleasure! I’ve been viewing your work since circa 1966 and loving every minute of it! Keep on rocking my brush wielding friend!


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