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Mark Evanier has his usual packed panel schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con up. Many interesting things, but of course none more interesting than this usual entry:

Sunday, July 29

10:30 AM – 11:45 AM / Room 1AB
Once again, we stop to talk of the man they call “The King of the Comics.” This time, talking Kirby will be NEIL GAIMAN, DARWYN COOKE, ERIK LARSEN, MIKE ROYER and members of the Kirby family, with previews of upcoming Kirby projects and a few surprises.

2 thoughts on “-Link- San Diego Kirby panel

  1. Robert

    I hope the Museum and Research Center has a booth at the Comics Con this year. I would like to meet them, and know how their Jack Kirby Documentry Film is going along.

    I really do feel that Jack needs his own documentry film, Let people know that he was as big a part of the Marvel Age of Comics, as Stan was.

  2. Robert

    Okay I was there. I must admitt that I’m glad Jack’s presence at the Comics Con is still there, but I sort of resent the fact that Stan Lee still seems to get all the credit, or maybe not.


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