Tales to Astonish #42 [1963] – Cover


Decent little cover from the Ant-Man days, with Kirby playing around with some of the odd scales and perspectives that the feature called for. I liked the city in the background, too.


Inks by Sol Brodsky.

Published 1963
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3 thoughts on “Tales to Astonish #42 [1963] – Cover

  1. Luke Blanchard

    I’m no artist, but I think Kirby’s perspective here shifts between the foreground and middleground. Ant-Man is seen from above, his antagonist more frontally. This mimics the way we’d take in such a scene in real life. It would not be possible to focus on both antagonists at once. So we’d look down at Ant-Man, then up at his opponent.

    Bearing this out, the line representing the left side of the pier shifts direction, and the pillars at the front of the pier foreshorten more sharply than the pillars along the wharf.

  2. Anonymous


    What is amazing is that Kirby did this instinctively. He had the ability to put down on paper what was in his mind’s eye. After looking it over again I appreciate this cover even more.

    Nick Caputo

  3. Robert

    On a related note, Ant-Man is being developed as a feature film by both Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures. To be co-written and directed by Edger Wright.

    Part of the story will feature Dr Henry Pym as Ant-Man.


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