Journey Into Mystery #19 [1975] – When the Mummy Walks


This issue reprints the story from TALES TO ASTONISH #31 (1962), another Kirby/Ayers story. Surprisingly bland splash page, where the giant mummy looks nice, but the background is just blank. The rest of the story fares better, with some backgrounds of the museum curator’s office with various artifacts, and the inside of the tomb.

Journey Into Mystery #19 [1975]

The story is about a curator who theorizes that the pyramids are all copies of an original one, built as a prison rather than a tomb. He manages to find it (after a great looking dust storm), and in a scene I’m sure archaeologists would hate he actually blasts and opening in the pyramid with dynamite. Of course they find a giant mummy, who turns out to be an alien invader with a secret.

The particular twist ending for this one isn’t as satisfying as some, but there’s some good art along the way.

Published 1975

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