Upcoming Kirby – KIRBY COLLECTOR #49


And, just as one issue comes out, the next is scheduled. Looks like another winner. Wonder what they have planned for #50…

jackkirby49.jpgTHE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #49

Strap on your armor for JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR 49, as we spotlight Kirby’s WARRIORS, such as Thor, Sgt. Fury, Challengers of the Unknown, the Losers, and others! Included is a rare Kirby interview (where Jack conveys the real-life horrors he went through on the battlefields of World War II), a new interview with JERRY ORDWAY, MARK EVANIER’s regular column, a look at hidden messages in BILL EVERETT’s Thor inks, an interview with Seven Soldiers writer GRANT MORRISON on his Kirby-inspired work, Kirby pencil art galleries, a complete 1950s Kirby story, an amazing Kirby wraparound Thor cover inked by JERRY ORDWAY, and more. Edited by John MORROW.

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