X-Men #19 [1966] – Cover


Kirby continued to provide layouts for the covers of X-MEN for a little while after leaving the interiors. This one was finished by Werner Roth and Dick Ayers.

That’s a creepy looking character, that Mimic. Though, for completeness sake, shouldn’t there be some visual indicator that he has Jean’s powers as well? Flowing red hair or something?


Published 1966

One thought on “X-Men #19 [1966] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    I’m not entirely sure if Kirby provided the layouts for this cover. He may have just pencilled the figure of the Mimic. There is also some touch up work by Marie Severin on the Mimic’s hands (the original was probably drawn too small)and, perhaps, the Iceman.

    Nick Caputo


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