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TwoMorrows, publisher of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, is offering free downloads of PDF copies of sample issues of some of their recent publications today and tomorrow, including TJKC #47. Good chance to check out the mag if you haven’t before.


In JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #47, we explore Jack’s group mentality, as we focus on Kirby’s SUPER TEAMS! From kid gangs and the Challengers of the Unknown, to big guns like the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, and even Super Powers, we’ll cover them all, and present plenty of never-seen 1960s Marvel pencil art! Also included is a rare KIRBY interview, MARK EVANIER’s regular column, two pencil art galleries, a complete never-reprinted 1950s story, an interview with “The Disappointment Artist” author Jonathan Lethem about Kirby’s influence on him, and an interview with JOHN ROMITA, JR. on his work with NEIL GAIMAN revamping Kirby’s ETERNALS! It’s all sandwiched between an obscure 1960s Marvelmania front cover inked by Kirby himself, and a rare Super Powers back cover inked by MIKE ROYER! Edited by John Morrow.

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