Upcoming Kirby – SILVER STAR preview


The previously linked Newsarama interview has some samples of the colouring for the reprint of the first issue of SILVER STAR, which is very much like the original (but printed on much nicer paper this time). As Erik Larsen mentions in the interview, the original colouring for #5 and #6 were quite different, so are being recoloured to make the whole series more seamless. Erik has passed along a few pages from those issues, so you can see what the new colouring looks like.

Here are a pair of pages from #5. New pages on right. Click to embiggen, as they say.



Some pages from #6 soon.

Erik has also confirmed that the reprint will be oversized (exact size still to be determined), not 7×10 as some online information lists it.

The book is scheduled for July. You can order SILVER STAR from your local comic shop now, using order code MAY071842, or you can order it online from Amazon or Tales of Wonder.

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