Fantastic Four #78 [1968] – The Thing No More


This is a fun issue from the heart of the long Kirby/Sinnott collaboration on FF. In this issue, the boys of the FF return from their sub-atomic adventure of the previous few issues, while Sue is about to deliver her baby. Reed takes this opportunity to try out his latest cure for Ben, which works, but just in time for the Wizard to attack (which they should have seen coming, since the Daily Bugle headline reads “Wizard Released From Prison – Vows Vengeance on Fantastic 4” in huge letters usually reserved for Presidential assassinations, moon-landings and anti-Spider-Man articles).

This leads to a great long battle, which Ben leaps into despite his lack of powers, and which has some great images.

Fantastic Four #78 [1968]

Of course they win in the end, and Ben’s in a position of wanting his powers back, but this variation of Reed’s cure is a one-way street, so he’d have to become the Thing forever. Boy, I wonder which it’ll be?

Very fun, fast moving, issues, with a good mix of the action and quiet moments and humour that made the FF so effective.

Published 1968

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