The Demon #7 [1973] – Witchboy


This issue introduces Klarion, the Witchboy, one of Etrigan’s most persistent foes over the years. The story opens with Etrigan encountering a “Judge” in puritan garb who is searching for Klarion, and attacks Etrigan with a monstrous Draaga, which makes for a great two page splash. Etrigan defeats the creature but is poisoned, and collapses as Klarion and his cat Teekl appear, showing some control over his transformations by changing him back to Jason Blood.

Various hijinks then ensue in Blood’s apartment, including an attack from a Horigal.


Klarion’s people eventually capture him to put on trial, so he summons Etrigan who is able to defeat them. Klarion tries to overstep himself by controlling Etrigan, which Merlin’s Demon wont stand for.

Fun little story with some weird plot logic, but great monster images, and obviously a lot of thought behind Klarion, only some of which made it onto the page in his few Kirby written appearances.

Mike Royer inks the 20-page story and cover.

Published 1973

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