Marvel Double Feature #18 [1976]


This issue features a reprint of the 10-page Captain America story from TALES OF SUSPENSE #94 [1967], the Kirby/Sinnott story that introduced the world to the glory that is MODOK.

More importantly, someone had the good sense to enlist recently-returned-to-Marvel Jack Kirby to do a new cover for the issue. The original featured MODOK as almost an afterthought, stuffed in a corner of the background. This one, though…


MODOK in all his big-headed, floating-chair, brain-blasting glory. Can Cap possibly hope to survive?

Frank Giacoia inks this cover.

Published 1976

One thought on “Marvel Double Feature #18 [1976]

  1. Joel Kelly

    That is f*****g AWESOME. I want to blow that up and FRAME IT. That is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. ANd people wonder why Jack Kirby is the only person that will make me buy a comic just for the COVER.


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